Case studies: Teddington Lock Construction – A happy Dale Windows customer

Customers of Dale Windows all have something in common with one another; they’re very particular about what they want and the suppliers they choose to work with, striving for excellence in all they do.

Mark Norman, Director at Teddington Lock Construction fits this description perfectly and this is precisely the reason that he is a long-time customer of Dale.

In Mark, we have an individual with a highly discerning customer base and share the same outlook on business – in Mark’s own words “As a company that specialises in delivering high quality building refurbishment projects we have to ensure that any companies we work with have the same exacting standards that we do.  In Dale Windows we have found a partner that shares our passion for quality.”

A cooperative approach pays dividends for both Dale Windows and Teddington Lock Construction to ensure the end customer gets the dream home they’ve been planning, “Our projects go beyond the norm with clients who know what they want, have discerning taste and expect the best across every element of the build. Our experience of working with Dale Windows ensures we can deliver that when it comes to the timber windows and doors.”

Timber is the material of choice for many developers and homeowners due to its warmth and natural origins, giving stunning results every time. At Dale Windows, we strive to be the best and always want to be the easiest supplier to deal with in any project, our positive working relationships stand testament to this, as Mark describes “Our fitters love working with Dale Windows because they know that from a fit and finish perspective it will be right, which makes their lives easier and ensures the best quality results for our clients.”

The future of the relationship with Teddington Lock Construction is only set to get brighter and stronger too, with several ongoing projects and many more in the pipeline.

“The biggest compliment we can pay is that many of the architects we work with are now looking to specify Dale products on other projects they are working on” concludes Mark.

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