Case studies: Private land converted into family homes

Private land converted into family homes

“This land has been in our family for years and it has been our goal for some time to get more out of it and build new homes which we can then sell on, as well as one for ourselves” comments Mr Masterton when describing this newly completed property in Kent.

Two properties are now complete on the site, with one currently for sale. “I do all of the work myself. It was always my aim that whoever buys the house wouldn’t then need to do any additional work. So, everything I specified and built was to a very high specification”.

The marketed property features the Dale Joinery range of windows and doors throughout, whilst the other home is the private residence of the Mastertons. “My wife was very keen on having a stained oak finish for our windows, so we used a joiner for our home” comments Mr Masterton. “I can already tell that we are going to have problems with these windows down the line”.

The combination of time served craftsmanship and state of the art factory environment used in the manufacture of the Dale range, ensures our products will have a life of problem-free use.

Fortunately, with the Dale Joinery range, everything arrives on site complete and ready for installation, making the process more efficient in terms of both cost and time when compared to a joiner/carpenter. “Funnily enough, we both actually prefer the Dale products that have been installed in the other house!” Mr Masterton explains.

The high specification finish of this new build property is already proving to be very popular among many discerning buyers. “The house has not been on the market for very long, but we have already seen a lot of interest!”

As the Dale products specified exceeded the Masterton’s expectations, the third house to be built on site will also have Dale specified over the local joinery option. Once complete, this will also then be marketed for sale, completing the Masterton’s vision for their plot of land.

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