Case studies: Historic Surrey Estate benefits from the Dale touch

A historic Surrey estate that stretches over a six mile radius encompassing four villages, is benefitting from the Dale touch.

With the estate owning many residential properties in the area, that are leased out to tenants on a rental basis, it takes its responsibility for preserving the heritage of the area very seriously.

Lead contractor for the Wotton Estate is Noel Ashton-Rickardt who is director of Cedarwood NAR Ltd, responsible for the maintenance and refurbishment of all the estate owned properties.

Dale Windows is extremely proud to have been selected as the timber window and door joinery supplier for all the property refurbishment projects being carried out across the estate. Noel describes how the relationship has been formed.

“In a past role, I’d used a different window supplier but I wasn’t happy that the quality was up to scratch when it came to the estate; the details weren’t good enough for what we needed.”

“When I came to the Wotton Estate, my predecessor had already used Dale for two new-build properties that had been commissioned; I was very impressed with the products and convinced the estate owners to use Dale for all the ongoing renovation projects too,” said Noel.

The Kings House is one of many properties on the estate that have a rich history, with this house, like many, dating to the mid-1800s and needed its timber windows and door replacing.

“The estate’s primary concern is for the conservation and preservation of all the land and properties in its control, retaining authenticity, using traditional methods and reclaiming materials for re-use wherever possible, so timber windows and doors are the right choice for us,” Noel explains.

“In bringing the residences up to required standards, we don’t have very many opportunities available to us to improve their energy efficiency; we mainly work on the roofing and the timber windows and doors, so the right choice of products is extremely important, and Dale’s range helps us to achieve these standards.”

“The process of dealing with Dale is a very good one for me – my representative is extremely efficient and the after sales care is very good also.”

At this present time, Noel is overseeing three property refurbishments, currently having their roofing replaced, with new timber windows and doors from Dale to follow. Noel has also just completed placing an order for a further six houses worth of Dale products too.

“The cost of the Dale products is good and the quality is second to none” Noel happily concludes.

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