Case studies: Harris Keyte Carpentry – A satisfied Dale Windows customer that only accepts the best

The importance of finding the right window and doors suppliers

Oxfordshire based Andy Harris of Harris Keyte Carpentry is no stranger to the construction industry, having worked on many refurbishment and new build projects, relying on his reputation for attention to detail and commitment to quality to ensure every client is fully satisfied.

Finding the right suppliers is crucial to Andy, and he knows from past experience how getting this wrong can prove costly.

“Before working with Dale, I had come across a lot of window and door suppliers. The problem with many of them was all to do with quality – or rather the lack of it. I’d find I would have to go back months after the project finished to deal with snagging issues such as twisting, warping and sticking which was neither time or cost efficient.

In Dale Windows, Andy has discovered a manufacturer and supplier that whole heartedly understands how important this is, and is revolutionising the supply of timber windows and doors to the trade and self-build community.

“Since working with Dale these issues simply don’t exist such is their focus on detail and quality and you know what you are fitting is backed up with a range of quality guarantees.”

The demand for timber windows and doors is growing rapidly in all kinds of projects as homeowners and developers alike look towards natural materials for the comfort and warmth that man-made alternatives simply cannot provide.

“As a building firm, reputation and quality means everything to us and we simply do not take any chances with the suppliers that we work with or the materials we use, which is why the relationship with Dale Windows is such a good one.”

The team at Dale provide support every step of the way, whether it be technical advice, design suggestions or finding solutions to challenging projects.

“It’s not just about the quality of their products, but the support we receive whenever we need it is great. Richard and the team have helped us on a number of projects where the door or window fixings and apertures are non-standard and extremely challenging.

“When we sit down with our customers who want timber windows and doors we tell them that we will be fitting Dale products and when we explain to them why – they completely¬†understand the benefits that this brings to them.”

“When you talk about Dale, you are talking about properly engineered products, built by a company that is focused on quality. For our customers that means giving them a product that is going to last. For us, it ticks all of the boxes in terms of ease of fitting and peace of mind post installation.”

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