Sliding Sash Windows

For a truly traditional look, our timber sash windows are thermally efficient, offer long wear and come with extremely lengthy guarantees.

Boasting innovative modern technology, our sliding sash windows are faithfully replicated in true, authentic designs. Full of character while packing all the glass, timber and insulation technology your home needs. Double glazed sash windows are engineered to stop rattling, and come with a smooth, easy opening action that offers premium security.

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Timber Sash Windows

Hung on neatly concealed spring mechanisms, cords and weights or chains, the choice of style can be tailored to suit the property. Whichever option is selected, sashes open and close effortlessly all year round. 

Our timber sliding sash windows boast charm, character and exceptional quality and performance. Made bespoke to you, you can choose from a wide range of finishes available. From ironmongery, glazing styles, colours and more. Add elegance to your property with sliding sash timber windows that make a beautiful statement.

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Double Glazed Timber Sash Windows

Enhanced thermally insulating glass creates glazing units almost twice as effective as ordinary double glazing. Fully customisable glazing bar designs can be used to tailor the look and feel of the sash windows. If you’re looking for double-glazed timber sash windows, get in touch with our team of experts today!

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It's all in the detail

Sash Hook Fasteners

Brass, Brushed Metal

Sash Lift

Brass, Brushed Metal

Sash Pull Down

Brass, Brushed Metal or Chrome

Sash Limit Stop

Brass, Brushed Metal or Chrome

Hassle free cavity formers available

Our cavity formers provide a benefit in their quick lead time from order to delivery, enabling openings to be quickly and accurately formed on site, allowing the scheduling of external joinery to be taken off the critical path. Windows and doors can be ordered in plenty of time, knowing that they will fit accurately into the pre-formed openings. No need to wait for the openings to be built, then measured and ordered, potentially saving you weeks on site!

The standard cavity closer order process is incredibly easy. Just specify the cavity size and whether it is ‘in-line’ (brick and block lining through) or ‘in-check’ (set behind the face brickwork).

Fire rated cavity closers are also available, combining a 60 minute cavity fire barrier and cavity closer former in ONE product.

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Our showroom is located at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre. We have a team on hand showcasing the very best of our product range, so you can see for yourself the unrivalled quality and performance our products offer.

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Sliding Sash Windows FAQs

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The Technicals

149mm Hidden Spring - Vertical Cross Section Download PDF
149mm Hidden Spring - Horizontal Cross Section Download PDF
149mm Trickle Vent Download PDF
176mm Hidden Spring - Vertical Cross Section Download PDF
176mm Hidden Spring - Horizontal Cross Section Download PDF
176mm Trickle Vent - Vertical Cross Section Download PDF

Colour Choices

Ral 1013 Oyster White
Ral 1015 Light Ivory
Ral 7044 Silk Grey
Ral 7032 Pebble Grey
Ral 1019 Grey Beige
Ral 7002 Olive Grey
Ral 5018 Turquoise Blue
Ral 5024 Pastel Blue
Ral 5014 Pigeon Blue
Ral 5001 Green Blue
Ral 5008 Grey Blue
Ral 5011 Steel Blue
Ral 6019 Pastel Green
Ral 7034 Yellow Grey
Ral 7033 Cement Grey
Ral 6013 Reed Green
Ral 6028 Pine Green
Ral 6020 Chrome Green
Ral 3005 Wine Red
Ral 3007 Black Red
Ral 3004 Purple Red
Ral 7009 Green Grey
Ral 7021 Black Grey
Ral 8022 Black Brown
Ral 7004 Signal Grey
Ral 7046 Telegrey 2
Ral 7031 Blue Grey
Ral 7005 Mouse Grey
Ral 7016 Anthracite Grey
Ral 9005 Jet Black
Ral 9003 Signal White
Ral 9010 Pure White
Ral 9001 Cream
Ral 9002 Grey White
Ral 9018 Papyrus White
Light Oak
Dark Oak