Timber French Doors

Enhance appearance and access between house and garden with Dale Joinery timber French doors, available in both classic and contemporary styles.

Made to order and customisable in a wide range of designs, the warmth of the natural material will enhance any living space. Whatever your needs, our wooden double glazed french doors are made to measure.

Robust hinges ensure their smooth operation, while high-security multi-point locking mechanisms offer the highest protection, and advanced insulation levels and high performing double-glazing units offer comfort all year round.

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Made To Measure French Doors

Our made to measure French doors feature multi-layer engineered timber to keep the doors functioning perfectly all year round. Sticking and warping through the seasons is a thing of the past. Formed through finger jointing, using short pieces of perfect timber, mechanically bonded together to form longer lengths, they are also layered upon each other. The opposing grains then even out any natural moisture movement, resulting in an immensely strong and stable timber.

Wooden double glazed French doors can transform the look and feel of your property, as well as provide an array of practical benefits too - like making your home more energy efficient, reducing energy bills and lots more. Learn more about our double glazed french doors today!

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Colour Matched, Timber Veneered Trickle Vents

Unsightly, face-mounted trickle vents don’t have to ruin the look of your stylish timber French doors, as with Dale’s innovative solution, the internal view is vastly improved with a colour matched, timber veneer, and externally the vent is concealed from view.

Meanwhile, the vent continues to provide all the usual functionality you’d expect and require to comply with the relevant regulations. Rest assured our timber double doors are manufactured to the highest standards and they’re built to stand the test of time.

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It's all in the detail

Door Handle

Chrome Plated, Black, Brass, Satin Chrome, Bright Bronze, White

Chatsworth Door Handle

Chrome Plated, Black, Polished Brass

Regent Door Handle

316 Coastal Grade Stainless Steel Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Stainless Steel, Polished Brass PVD, Stainless Steel

Cottage Door Handle

Black, Pewter

Centre Door Knob for Townhouse Door

Chrome, Black & Brass

Small Door Knob for Townhouse Door

Chrome, Black & Brass

Urn Door Knocker

Chrome, Black & Brass

Doctors Door Knocker

Chrome, Black & Brass

Shakespeare Door Knocker

Black, Pewter

Spy Glass

Chrome, Satin Chrome & Brass

Letter Plate

Satin Chrome, Brass & Bright Bronze

Letter Plate

Black, Chrome & White

Door Hinges

Chrome, Black

Door Hinges

Satin Chrome, Brass


Chrome Plated, Black, Polished Brass Fitted to complement handle colour

Safety Chain

Chrome, Brass

Standard Patio Door Furniture

Silver, Brushed Metal, Dark Brown, Bronze, White

Standard Patio Door Finger Pulls

Silver, Brushed Metal, Dark Brown, Bronze, White

External Access Patio Door Furniture

Silver, Brushed Metal, Dark Brown, Bronze, White

High security, multi point locking mechanisms

Multi-point locking mechanisms offer peace of mind through the assurance of and provision of high security. Our system engages at various points on the frame to eliminate any areas of weakness. For further information on our made to measure French doors, please get in touch with our friendly sales team online or over the phone!

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The Technicals

Open In - Vertical Cross Section Download PDF
Open Out - Vertical Cross Section Download PDF
Open In - Horizontal Cross Section Download PDF
Open Out - Horizontal Cross Section Download PDF
Trickle Vent Download PDF
Projecting Windowsill Options Download PDF

Colour Choices

Ral 1013 Oyster White
Ral 1015 Light Ivory
Ral 7044 Silk Grey
Ral 7032 Pebble Grey
Ral 1019 Grey Beige
Ral 7002 Olive Grey
Ral 5018 Turquoise Blue
Ral 5024 Pastel Blue
Ral 5014 Pigeon Blue
Ral 5001 Green Blue
Ral 5008 Grey Blue
Ral 5011 Steel Blue
Ral 6019 Pastel Green
Ral 7034 Yellow Grey
Ral 7033 Cement Grey
Ral 6013 Reed Green
Ral 6028 Pine Green
Ral 6020 Chrome Green
Ral 3005 Wine Red
Ral 3007 Black Red
Ral 3004 Purple Red
Ral 7009 Green Grey
Ral 7021 Black Grey
Ral 8022 Black Brown
Ral 7004 Signal Grey
Ral 7046 Telegrey 2
Ral 7031 Blue Grey
Ral 7005 Mouse Grey
Ral 7016 Anthracite Grey
Ral 9005 Jet Black
Ral 9003 Signal White
Ral 9010 Pure White
Ral 9001 Cream
Ral 9002 Grey White
Ral 9018 Papyrus White
Light Oak
Dark Oak