How to Prepare for The Installation of New Windows and Doors

Essential tips to prepare your home for timber window and door Installation. Upgrade with style, boost efficiency, and add value.

Upgrading your tired, old windows and doors with gorgeous, natural timber replacements is an exciting step towards enhancing your home’s beauty, energy efficiency, and value. But before you get swept away by visions of sunlight streaming through sleek oak casements or stepping out onto a breezy balcony framed by French doors, there’s some essential groundwork to lay. Preparing your home for window and door installation is key to ensuring a smooth, stress-free project and maximising the enjoyment of your beautiful new additions.

Prepare Your Home

As exciting as it might be to see a professional bring it all to life, it’s important to ensure that everything is set to run smoothly. Here’s how to prepare your interior for the transformation.

Clear some space: Give the professional installers ample room to manoeuvre by removing furniture, curtains, and any decorations near the windows (especially anything sentimental). Think of it as creating a spacious working area to prepare your new timber marvels to shine.

Protect the Floor: Dust, splinters, and random nails are no audience for your prized carpets or shiny hardwood floors. Lay down drop cloths or sturdy cardboard, saving your flooring from any drama. A reputable installation company, however, will do all of this for you.

Security Points & Doorbell Wires: If your existing windows or doors have security points or doorbell wires, these can be easily and safely removed by the installer.

Think Outside The Box

The interior of your home should not be your only consideration, with the outside giving just as much to think about.

Clear the Path: Think of your garden as the entrance to everyone who will be part of this project. Remove any overgrown shrubs, temporary fencing, or obstacles that might hinder the delivery or installation of your new windows and doors. 

Parking for the Installers: If possible, designate a close parking spot for the window and door fitters. Your new windows and doors deserve a convenient drop-off point to minimise issues.

Protect the little things: Your plants and shrubs are the loyal understudies in your home’s garden play. Shield them from falling debris or accidental trampling by covering them with tarps or setting up temporary fencing. 

Think green: Arrange for proper disposal of the old windows and doors. Whether it’s a waste removal service or a trip to the recycling centre. Before you do, confirm with your installer if they can dispose of your old windows for you, as the majority do offer this service free of charge.

Bonus Tips

Inform the Neighbours: Let your neighbours know about the potential noise or disruption of the installation process.

Document the Before and After: Capture the transformation with photos or videos of the existing windows and doors before removal and throughout the installation process. It’s your personal behind-the-scenes documentary, perfect for reminiscing or referencing later.

By following these preparation tips, you’ll transform your home from a renovation rough draft into exactly what you always wanted. With careful planning and a little preparation, you’ll be basking in the natural light, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced curb appeal of your home in no time. So, raise the curtain and let the installation commence!

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