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Dale Joinery have been supplying beautiful new windows for new build properties and restoration projects for many years. Our high quality range of windows – including sash, flush casement, stormproof and tilt and turn – not only look fantastic but perform brilliantly when it comes to thermal efficiency, security (Pas24 certified) and smooth reliable functionality.  

All of our timber windows are made to measure using responsibly sourced wood and water based paints. The beauty of this approach is that you can create the fact look and feel of the windows to match your own needs. From the style, colour, design and type of glazing through to the type of window handles and hardware.

Once you have made your choices, new windows are made to your precise needs and arrive to the agreed location on the agreed time, fully finished ready to fit and enjoy.

To ensure quality at the heart of our timber windows, we use multi-layered European Redwood that is strong and resilient, which means no warping and twisting. This means you can replicate original sash and flush casement windows down to their slim elegant frames whilst benefitting from high performance double glazing and manufacturing standards.

The result is your choice of classic and contemporary designs with long lasting, reliable components and secure locking mechanisms. By combining modern technology with traditional techniques, we maximise the strength of timber windows, increasing the thermal efficiency of glass and double glazing, minimising maintenance and providing high levels of security.

Factory applied water-based ‘micro-porous’ paint or wood stain is sprayed on for a smooth finish, and multiple coats ensure a timber perfectly protected from the elements. Such thorough weatherproofing is achieved to ensure minimal maintenance to guarantee the lifetime of our timber windows.

With a well placed reputation for innovative techniques and materials you can be sure that you are getting the best from your new double glazed windows with no compromise.

Our Range

Withenhoe Stormproof windows - sustainable timber

Stormproof windows or ‘lipped casements’ are designed for those harsher environments where an extra level of weather protection is required. The edge of the window is wider than the opening so…

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Sash Windows - sustainable timber

For a truly traditional look, whether it’s replacing double glazing, restoring a period property or a new build project, our wooden sash windows are thermally efficient, offer long wear and…

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Timber flush Casement WIndows in Wittering

Our wooden flush casement windows provide the perfect solution for restoration projects and new double glazing installations alike. The modern glass and glazing provide excellent performance whilst strong slim timber…

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Tilt and Turn Window - Modern Kitchen and Real Timber

Wooden double glazed Tilt and Turn windows are made to measure and offer great control over the air flow allowed in the home. The wide ‘turn’ hinges allow for easy…

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More information about what goes into our wooden windows:

Each new window we make features lots of innovation and modern materials whilst retaining the timeless appeal of real wood – each window is environmentally sourced, see our sustainability and environmental pages for more information.

‘Multi-layered’ or ‘engineered’ timber

Strength from the foundations upwards, our wooden windows and frames are constructed from engineered timber – this innovative product retains the true beauty of real wood but with the benefits of rigidity and moisture combating properties. Multiple layers of European Redwood are laminated to form a real wood product that is stronger solitary wood sections.The layers are arranged specifically with the grain opposing that of it’s neighbour. If any moisture gets into the wood, movement occurs along the grain. With the neighbouring layer resisting movement in that direction the result is a timber that will not warp or twist, perfect for windows and doors battling against the elements.

Weather protection

The clever twist free wood is rarely put to the test, we apply a water-based microporous paint or wood stain that creates an impervious barrier against any moisture gaining access to the wood. Such a thorough protective layer is  applied that only a clean is required before a single coat of paint is required to renew the protection, and this only needs to be done after 8 years, as as long as minimal maintenance is performed every once in a while to ensure the paintwork has not been compromised.

Design and precise construction guarantees the perfect fit of all our timber windows from ‘stormproof’, or ‘lipped casements’, to traditional sash windows. The exact fit of our engineered frames and window units provide excellent weather proofing properties. Then we build on that to ensure that any weak points such as joins between the glass and the frames are fully protected with modern materials and clever manufacture techniques.

Available in colours to create a classic look or one that is unique – our standard colour palette reflects the shades chosen by our customers, with different shades on the interior and exterior for a personal touch.

Double glazing

The glass we use is of excellent thermal value, combined with our warm edge spacer bar and seals our standard double glazing boasts an excellent U-Value of 1.1W/m2 – saving energy by keeping it inside the property and reducing energy bills and helping the environment.


We fit our products with excellent mulitpoint locking systems which discretely guard all our timber windows from entry with the use of bolts and cam.

Thermal efficiency

We achieve a high performing double glazing rating with the use of top glass products and warm spacer bars to keep the insulation levels high and costly heating inside during the cold months. Draughts are eliminated and heating bills are drastically reduced.

Wooden sash windows were notorious for rattling and being draughty as well as for being a weak point in a home’s security. Modern sash windows offer the original charm and beauty of timber sashes with all the beautiful modern advances in windows design and performance. No rattles, no draughts, exceptionally secure and yet graceful and hard wearing – our timber sash windows really offer the best of both worlds with no compromise.

Glazing options

From Georgian squares to modern singular glazing bars for character and style, Dale Windows can restore the original look and feel of a property through the use of  glazing bars. Period properties to cottage style buildings and homes can all make use of these decorative timber bars for window replication or to create a new look.

For bathrooms and windows next to pedestrian walkways or where privacy is required between rooms, there are obscure glass and etched glass designs – with many to choose from based on original designs from the Victorian period and more modern styles, adding privacy to rooms can be an attractive feature.


New windows are easily integrated with existing windows and colour schemes with a wide range of beautifully produced ironmongery and window furniture. Simple designs are supplied as standard, the clean and unfussy window and door furniture are functional and attractive, available in three colours – black, chrome and brass.


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