Multi-Plot Developments

At Dale Joinery, we focus on quality and high performance multi-layered, engineered timber windows and doors for multi-plot developments. We are proud to have worked with reputable developers to add charm, elegance and insulation to multi-plot properties.

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Hassle Free Cavity Formers Available

Our cavity formers provide a benefit in their quick lead time from order to delivery, enabling openings to be quickly and accurately formed on-site, allowing the scheduling of external joinery to be taken off the critical path. Windows and doors can be ordered in plenty of time, knowing that they will fit accurately into the pre-formed openings. No need to wait for the openings to be built then measured and ordered, potentially saving you weeks on site! 

Simply specify the cavity size and whether it is ‘in-line’ (brick and block lining through) or ‘in-check’ (set behind the face brickwork). Alternatively, get in touch with us for further information.

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Timber Windows & Timber Doors

Each timber window is handcrafted to your specifications - whether it’s a flush casement window, sliding sash, or tilt and turn window in your preferred colour with stylish ironmongery to give it that premium, elegant finish. We’re committed to quality and provide lengthy guarantees on our windows. It’s in our nature to blend specialist knowledge with the very best materials, and expert craftsmanship. Our timber windows are long-lasting, well insulated and secure - with no risk of warping or twisting.

With multi-plot developments, there needs to be something that sets properties apart from the outset. Our timber doors can help redefine the look and feel of properties, and every aspect from the design, to the glazing, staining options, and door furniture, is chosen by you. Dale Joinery offers unrivalled manufacturing excellence and a fully personalised service from start to finish.

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What You Can Expect

  • We offer a Free ‘take off’ service and estimate in 5-7 working days.
  • A plot by plot breakdown of costs to make it easy to read and quantify.
  • Site visits with samples (where required) to understand the scope of works and tailor a specification to suit. Advice from our team along the process to ensure we comply with all necessary building regulations.
  • Free cavity formers where appropriate. Reducing lead time by agreeing and forming sizes for apertures ahead of schedule. Also reducing cost relating to temporary formers that are made and then disposed of in place of cavity closers prior to window installation.
  • Once installed and the building has had time to dry out, we are more than happy to send out our service engineers to ensure everything is working correctly ready for the end-user to move in.
  • Your warranty can be passed over to the end-user and we will honour this for the duration of this time directly with them so as to take the everyday hassle away from the contractor.
  • Additional Paint is attached to every order for touch-ups.

Multi Plot Projects & Their Challenges

Deliveries can be phased or staggered to suit the main contractor’s build schedule (programme of works) at no extra cost. We then deliver on 26-tonne rigid chassis lorries with forklifts included so we can offload on-site in the location that suits you. We will always check first using a delivery questionnaire and google street view. The smaller lorries we use can generally get most places or close by so we can fork the product to the site.

Should any item not function correctly as a result of a manufacturing issue (that we can’t resolve on site) we will replace the product free of charge as part of our no quibble warranty package for every order.
Should you damage a product on-site (these things happen) we also offer a cosmetic repair service to repair any damaged items that will reduce cost and time-on-site for our customers. As opposed to charging for a new item that takes weeks to arrive we fix it in situ with an average 2 week lead time.

Should the worst happen and a window or door is the wrong size or more commonly have the wrong cill extension (there are many reasons this can happen - site changes, misinformation etc..) we will ensure remake items are fast-tracked through our factories to enable the project to move forwards. Our cills are screwed and siliconed in place so can be interchanged at a later date if required.

Who We Work With

  • Quantity surveyors
  • Project managers
  • Architects
  • Buyers
  • Business Owners
  • Subcontractors
  • Main Contractors
  • Site managers
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Window Ironmongery

Window Handle

Chrome, Black, Brass, Satin Chrome, Bright Bronze & White finishes available.

Teardrop Handle Polished

Chrome, Black, Polished Brass & Satin Chrome finishes available.

Regent Handle - 316 Coastal Grade Stainless Steel

Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Stainless Steel, Polished Brass PVD, Stainless Steel N.B. no matching pegstays for the Regent handle range.

Monkeytail Handle


Door Ironmongery

Door Handle

Chrome Plated, Black, Brass, Satin Chrome, Bright Bronze, White

Chatsworth Door Handle

Chrome Plated, Black, Polished Brass

Regent Door Handle

316 Coastal Grade Stainless Steel Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Stainless Steel, Polished Brass PVD, Stainless Steel

Cottage Door Handle

Black, Pewter

Centre Door Knob for Townhouse Door

Chrome, Black & Brass

Small Door Knob for Townhouse Door

Chrome, Black & Brass

Urn Door Knocker

Chrome, Black & Brass

Doctors Door Knocker

Chrome, Black & Brass

Shakespeare Door Knocker

Black, Pewter

Spy Glass

Chrome, Satin Chrome & Brass

Letter Plate

Satin Chrome, Brass & Bright Bronze

Letter Plate

Black, Chrome & White

Door Hinges

Chrome, Black

Door Hinges

Satin Chrome, Brass


Chrome Plated, Black, Polished Brass Fitted to complement handle colour

Safety Chain

Chrome, Brass

Standard Patio Door Furniture

Silver, Brushed Metal, Dark Brown, Bronze, White

Standard Patio Door Finger Pulls

Silver, Brushed Metal, Dark Brown, Bronze, White

External Access Patio Door Furniture

Silver, Brushed Metal, Dark Brown, Bronze, White


Ornament 105
Silvit Bialy
Water Drop
Ornament 101

Colour Choices

Ral 1013 Oyster White
Ral 1015 Light Ivory
Ral 7044 Silk Grey
Ral 7032 Pebble Grey
Ral 1019 Grey Beige
Ral 7002 Olive Grey
Ral 5018 Turquoise Blue
Ral 5024 Pastel Blue
Ral 5014 Pigeon Blue
Ral 5001 Green Blue
Ral 5008 Grey Blue
Ral 5011 Steel Blue
Ral 6019 Pastel Green
Ral 7034 Yellow Grey
Ral 7033 Cement Grey
Ral 6013 Reed Green
Ral 6028 Pine Green
Ral 6020 Chrome Green
Ral 3005 Wine Red
Ral 3007 Black Red
Ral 3004 Purple Red
Ral 7009 Green Grey
Ral 7021 Black Grey
Ral 8022 Black Brown
Ral 7004 Signal Grey
Ral 7046 Telegrey 2
Ral 7031 Blue Grey
Ral 7005 Mouse Grey
Ral 7016 Anthracite Grey
Ral 9005 Jet Black
Ral 9003 Signal White
Ral 9010 Pure White
Ral 9001 Cream
Ral 9002 Grey White
Ral 9018 Papyrus White

Stain Options

Light Oak
Dark Oak

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