Why You Should Support Local Suppliers & Contractors for Building Projects

Discover the Advantages of Choosing Local Suppliers and Contractors for Your Building Project from Dale Joinery.

You decide it is finally time to kick off your building project, and you have many things to deliberate — essential factors such as design, budget, material and, of course, allowing a contingency for any unexpected problems that may arise.

One factor many people fail to consider, which has the potential to have a bearing on all the above, is “Should you use a local supplier and contractor for your building supplier?". 

There’s a compelling case to be made for choosing local building suppliers. Supporting local suppliers not only benefits your community but also offers many advantages that positively impact your project. The team at Dale Joinery have listed key reasons why you should consider going local.

Communication and Collaboration

Local contractors and suppliers are more available for collaboration. Simply by being closer, they tend to be more responsive and more available for “quick chats and ideas”. This is very important because, as we all know, building projects tend to be dynamic, and quick decisions or pivots are critical.

Face-to-face interactions help iron out concerns and ensure all products and actions meet your expectations. There’s also less chance of things getting “misunderstood,” which often occurs when working with big teams of people, many of whom aren’t actually on the floor and touching your products.

Cutting Down on Disruptions

When choosing a contractor, it is essential to use one who is familiar with the local area and has established good relations with other local suppliers. This helps cut down disruptions during your project, and should interruptions occur, getting them resolved is a much faster process with a local supplier.

Good for The Environment

Sourcing your material locally could be one of the most considerable gifts you could give the planet. Your material would be transported across shorter distances and less need for warehousing. All of that means fewer emissions being deposited into the atmosphere.

Local contractors are also more likely to be familiar with local conditions and building codes. Making them better suited to help you choose materials and design features that will help your building to be more energy-efficient and sustainable for the future

Good for Your Community

By using businesses in your community for your building projects, you are also investing in your community. This translates to creating more jobs for people around you, supporting your local business, and helping boost the local tax base. The growing reality is that procurement professionals increasingly prefer to source locally simply because it helps run projects smoother, is cheaper, and is suitable for your environment and community.

Dale Joinery understands that any building project comes with a lot of consideration and choices. That is why we offer the highest level of service and products to people and businesses in our communities. No matter the size of your project, our approach is the same. We also set offset our carbon emissions, and we are listed as a Carbon Neutral Plus organisation.

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