How We Work With Architects: All You Need To Know

Discover the finer details of how Dale Joinery works with architects when it comes to timber windows and doors.

In a previous article, we discussed how we work with developers across the UK to streamline building projects. In this article, we’ll explore everything architects and how the team at Dale Joinery helps navigate tight deadlines, offers technical expertise, and ensures adherence to building regulations when it comes to timber windows and doors for your projects.

The detail-oriented service we provide at Dale Joinery is designed to offer peace of mind for all architectural projects. This includes examining our trickle vents, cavity formers, U-values, glazing options, and more. But first, let’s address some of the most common pain points architects may encounter.

Common Pain Points for Architects

Regulatory compliance: Architects must ensure that their designs comply with all relevant regulations, and this is where we come in. We have an expert team that boasts years of industry knowledge on all things relating to building regulations. Our products are designed and manufactured to ensure they comply with all relevant regulations, and we provide all the technical guidance to reduce delays, alleviate time pressures and streamline projects to keep them moving in the right direction.

Tight deadlines: We understand the pressures architects face when it comes to designs and building projects, and this means working to tight deadlines. We offer a free take-off service and estimate in 5-7 working days—all we need is plans and a quick phone call, and we’re on it.

Risk management: Navigating budgets can become challenging and time-consuming when costs constantly change. With Dale Joinery, our quotes do not change, as we understand that these decisions take time. This means that even if you received your quote one month or six months ago, the cost remains the same until signoff! We also provide guidance and support on all contract signoffs.

How Does Dale Joinery Work With Architects?

CPD Courses.

Our free Continuous Professional Development course has been tailored to provide additional learning, resources, and information regarding timber windows and doors. It’s designed with architects in mind so you can stay up to date on the latest industry trends, learn more about compliance, and learn about the key features of Dale Joiney’s range of timber windows and doors.

Let's Talk Details

We’ll discuss with you the details of your projects, in particular, the following:

Trickle Vents

Trickle vents are required in all new-build properties to comply with Part F building regulations. Dale Joinery was the first UK manufacturer to design and use veneered timber trickle vents that are colour-matched to your exact specifications. What does that mean exactly?

This means that trickle vents on all of our windows are concealed, so they don’t ruin the aesthetic appeal of the windows while also providing the benefits of effective ventilation.

Cavity Formers

Cavity formers, or cavity closers, are an incredibly important component of any building project, as they help keep projects moving and reduce the potential for delays. Learn more about how cavity closers streamline building projects in our article here.

Quality Timber

All of the timber we use for our products is sourced from managed Scandinavian forests, and due to the nature of the climate in these regions, the timber is slow-grown, which ensures stability and resistance to weather, making it the perfect substrate for our windows and doors. Formed through finger jointing, our multi-layered engineered timber is mechanically bonded together to form longer lengths. We recognise the benefits that quality timber possesses, including its role in sustainable recognition. With a lifespan of 60-80 years compared to UPVC of 16-18 years, it’s a choice every architect, developer, and self-builder must consider.

U Values

U-values are used to assess the energy efficiency of windows, doors, walls, roofs, and other building components for all new-build properties. These values then contribute to the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation that forms an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. 

What U Value Should Timber Windows Have?

Colour Choices

We offer an extensive selection of colour choices for our windows and doors, which can be made bespoke to your preferences and specifications. 

The RAL classic range offers 210 shades to choose from, and we also provide various stain finishes that you can explore here. Additionally, we can match almost any colour you prefer! Contact our team to request a free sample of our timber swatches.

Glazing Options

Glazing options are important to consider - especially when it comes to thermal efficiency. Our range includes laminated, self-cleaning, acoustic, and solar control glass.

Additionally, Dale’s standard units feature a 16mm space between 4mm glass panes, and you have the choice of Krypton, Argon, or Xenon, which all offer great thermal and sound insulation benefits.

Free Site Visits

We offer complimentary site visits, where our knowledgeable team will meet with you on-site to explore your project and offer guidance on specific aspects, including cavity formers, trickle vents, and sizing considerations.

Additionally, you can call a dedicated member of our team, and we’re able to swiftly arrange site visits whenever you need us. Our team pride themselves on communication, transparency and flexibility to ensure that nothing gets left overlooked or left behind.

Design & Manufacture

The manufacturing process commences once we have 100% signoff. Our fantastic team has years of experience manufacturing the very best products, and we take great pride in attention to detail on every project. 

Each product undergoes quality control and thorough inspection before leaving the factory. It is delivered fully finished with pre-installed glazing and a paint touch-up pack ready for installation.

Visit The Dale Showroom

Book an appointment at the Dale showroom located in Swindon at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre to view the range of windows, doors and accessories for your next project. 

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