Hassle Free Cavity Closers

The benefit of our cavity closers is the quick lead time from order to delivery, enabling openings to be quickly and accurately formed on site. This then allows the scheduling of external joinery to be taken off the critical path. Windows and doors can be ordered in plenty of time, knowing that they will fit accurately into the pre-formed openings. No need to wait for the openings to be built, then measured and ordered, potentially saving you weeks on site!

The standard cavity closer order process is incredibly easy. Just specify the cavity size and whether it is ‘in-line’ (brick and block lining through) or ‘in-check’ (set behind the face brickwork).

Fire rated cavity closers are also available, combining a 60 minute cavity fire barrier and cavity closer former in ONE product.

Contact us 0800 030 2222 or email sales@dalewindows.co.uk for further details.

  1. Check that the closer is level and square
  2. Prop the former to ensure it remains plumb, and build up the course work around the former by one course
  3. Insert a brick ties into the former, rotate by 90°and bed into mortar, on both inner and outer courses
  4. Continue to build the coursework up around the frame in the normal manner, ensuring that the frame remains plumb. Brick ties should be inserted every third outer course, and every otherinner course. (A minimum of three per vertical).
  5. Build the inner and outer courses up to the lintel height. The lintel should be set 5mm over the former. Locate the lin- tel in position and bed into mortar. Allow mortar to set before removing the props and brace.

Please Note
Throughout the building operation, the closure frame must be periodically checked to ensure that it remains true and square. Any movement or twisting in the frame could result in poor window fit. We recommend the use of a tape and spirit level to ensure that the frame is correctly installed.