Are Timber Windows Secure?

Timber windows are favoured by many for their final looks, their eco-friendly and sustainable build, low maintenance and longevity. Lasting up to 60 years, and being the more traditional choice, timber windows are one of the most secure window options on the market.

What do we mean by window security?

It does sort of what it says on the tin, it’s about making sure your windows are equipped to keep your home secure in every manner, from break-ins to home efficiency. This covers everything from the strength in the window handles and locking systems, to the thermal performance of the glass, and resistance to any extreme weather conditions.

What makes Timber Windows secure?

Being made from a natural, durable material like timber, this type of window is bound to keep you safe and secure from any harsh weather conditions. To help enhance this durability, here at Dale Joinery we ensure all our security systems, such as locking handles, multi-point espagnolette and laminated glass are all PAS 24 tested to provide maximum security. Just to top it off, we only use microporous water-based paints or stains on our frames, which allows the wood to breathe and therefore ensures the windows longevity both structurally and aesthetically, meaning that you can be secure within your purchase of Dale Joinery timber windows and doors. 

Not only is timber a sturdy material that makes it perfect for secure window frames, but the thickness and density of the wood also help to keep any unwanted noise out. As well as sound, the thickness of the wood makes for an excellent insulator, allowing you to keep plenty of heat in during the colder months. However, even the softer woods, such as Redwood Timber, are brilliant insulators due to the air content with them. In general, wood has a low thermal conductivity and a high heat-insulating capacity, meaning that your property will stay warm when you want and need it to. 

At Dale Joinery, we only supply our windows & doors with high security, multi-point locking mechanisms to further ensure safety. Engaging with the frames and window at various points, we eliminate any possible areas of weakness that could lead to a break-in. Not only is this to be compliant with Building Regulations Document Q (Enhanced Security), but also to give our customers total peace of mind.

What’s The Alternative?

The most popular alternative to timber windows is uPVC, which are made from a heavily manufactured material. Although they tend to be the less expensive option, there are reasons for this. In terms of security, they fall short. Due to the lack of durability, uPVC can actually crack if exposed to too much sunlight, which significantly decreases their security levels.

Dale Joinery

At Dale Joinery, we pride ourselves in creating the ultimate timber window for you. We carefully source all parts of our frame and only use the best materials to guarantee product security, quality and longevity. If you’re interested in our sustainable timber windows, please do get in touch.