A Buyers Guide to Choosing a New Front Door

Need help choosing a new front door? The experts at Dale have put together a guide to help!

Doors are a vital component of any home. We’d, of course, be much colder without them, but they also offer an array of benefits, from retaining energy inside the home to keeping our homes safe and secure. Additionally, the design of the front door is an important aspect of any home’s curb appeal. It’s the natural focal point when you or anyone else approaches the home, thus, it’s a significant element.

There are numerous front door designs to pick from, such as solid, panelled, glass or glazed doors, but making the perfect choice to fit a home’s architecture is critical to the exterior aspect of a home.

When choosing the ideal external front door, various factors must be considered, and these are:


2)The material.

3)Performance (in terms of home security, accessibility, heat retention, weather resistance, and simplicity of maintenance).


Although the last point is important, and there are solutions for any budget, keep in mind how much a high-performing door will save you on heating bills and maintenance if you choose a quality, sturdy model.

Appearance & Style

Choosing the appropriate front door style is critical to ensuring your home has maximum curb appeal.

Timber is the ideal choice for traditional-style or period homes, and it frequently matches the overall aesthetics of a property nicely — especially when combined with timber windows. Flush doors are an increasingly popular approach to achieving a clean and polished look in modern homes.

Choosing The Material

Steel, aluminium, fibreglass, UPVC, and fully or partially wooden or timber doors are the most common materials used these days. While each material has advantages and disadvantages, timber is a traditional choice that offers timeless beauty, long-lasting performance, and durability. Our timber front doors preserve the appearance no matter what storms are thrown at them, while still providing the wonderful solid appearance of timber. 

Furthermore, Dale Joinery upholds a commitment to responsible forestry management, and we even have our own Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

Consider Security Factors

If your front door is producing unwanted noise, this could be a symptom of structural deterioration. When looking at new front door alternatives, you should examine their robustness. To do so, ask the manufacturer how it is created, as this will indicate how well it will stand the test of time. Add door security features, such as multi-point locking systems and alarms. A spy hole is a good idea, and rim latches, metal mortice deadlocks, and door chains are all good additions for peace of mind.

Dale Joinery can cater to all types of requirements to manufacture a bespoke front door for your home. You can learn more about our timber doors here or get in touch with us for further information.


In England and Wales, Part M of the Building Regulations requires homes to have an entrance with a level threshold so that wheelchair users can enter in and out without having to travel over a step. Similar rules apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This does not have to mean that the threshold is at the front door; it is sometimes more convenient to utilise another external entrance instead. Part M does not apply to renovations and extensions to existing residences.

A level threshold is one with a lip of no more than 15mm. The doors themselves do not require any modifications. However, the Part M-compliant door is required to be at least 838mm (2'9") wide. The door frame should also be Part M compliant (less than 15mm). There should be no steps inside or outside the entrance as well. A stepped approach to the door is a frequent design choice. It is possible to design a level threshold with fair planning without it being obtrusive in any manner.


When comparing the prices of front doors, keep in mind that the listed prices usually do not include installation, shipping, hinges, disposal of your old door, and, in some cases, VAT. Also, keep in mind that front doors with side windows and panels are more expensive to install.

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