5 Eco Houses To Inspire Your Next Self Build Project

Explore the stunning eco homes across the UK that have adopted sustainability to reduce their carbon footprint.

In recent years, there has been a remarkable shift in how people view and approach housing. As the world grapples with pressing environmental concerns, the concept of eco-houses and self-build projects has gained significant traction. This phenomenon has emerged as a response to the urgent need for sustainable living solutions and has found resonance with a growing number of individuals who are determined to reduce their ecological footprint.

There are two main reasons behind the surging popularity of eco friendly homes and self-build projects.

The Environmental Imperative

The rise of eco-houses and self-build projects can be attributed, in large, to the growing awareness of the environmental challenges our planet faces. With an increased understanding of climate change, deforestation, and the depletion of natural resources, people are seeking alternative housing options that minimise environmental harm. Eco houses, characterised by energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and sustainable building materials, present an appealing solution for those living harmoniously with nature.

By utilising renewable energy sources, employing efficient insulation, and implementing water-saving technologies, eco houses significantly reduce their environmental impact, making them an attractive choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

Financial Advantages

Energy-efficient designs and features can drastically reduce energy bills, allowing homeowners to save money on heating, cooling, and electricity expenses over the lifetime of the building. Furthermore, governments and local authorities often provide incentives, grants, and tax breaks to promote sustainable housing initiatives, making eco-houses more financially viable. As eco-friendly homes become increasingly sought after, the prospect of increased property value in the future is an additional incentive for individuals to embark on self-build projects.

We take sustainability seriously at Dale Joinery, so our timber is sourced from managed forests to help us create bespoke timber windows and timber doors for self build projects all across the UK.

We’ve found 5 incredible eco houses to inspire your next self-build project. Let’s explore them below.

Lower Mill Estate, The Cotswolds.

A stunning, modern house in the Cotswolds that boasts eco-friendly architecture and natural materials. This Habitat House features a wildflower-sloping roof, floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies for each bedroom. Built with Cotswold stone and Western red cedar cladding, a picturesque lake, woodland, and meadows surround the extraordinary house.

This Cotswold home was voted the best house in Britain for 2017.

Botany Wood Eco Home, UK.

The cutting-edge, eco-friendly family home won the 2018 Build It Award for Best Eco Home. This beautifully designed home features 5 bedrooms, and it’s based on Passivhaus principles of controlled air tightness, minimal thermal bridging and insulation to reduce energy consumption.

Photo Credit: Matt Chisnall Architectural Photography Ltd

Copyright: Matt Chisnall Architectural Photography Ltd

Cross Laminated Timber Eco Home.

An eco home constructed using cross-laminated timber panels. CLT is an excellent product as it consists of layers of timber to form structured panels that deliver structural rigidity. The owners followed Passivhaus principles but wanted to avoid strictly adhering to them.

The engineered timber panels are wrapped externally with 140mm PIR insulation boards, a breather membrane, and cedar cladding. The large windows allow natural sunlight to flow through the home, and the surroundings offer beautiful views.

Furthermore, the house features an air source heat pump, as well as an MVHR ventilation system.

Millfields Cottage, West Sussex.

Millfields Cottage is located in West Sussex and is a beautiful, contemporary property with many eco-friendly features. Take in the unique bamboo-crafted staircase, the natural pool, and floor-to-ceiling glazed windows. It’s a truly gorgeous eco home for anyone looking to go green.

Eco Home In Ealing, London.

Situated in Ealing in London, this property blends into its surroundings seamlessly, making it immediately stand out as an eco home. It features upper wooden fascia and foliage exteriors, air course heat pumps, heating controls, thermal insulation and solar panels. Moreover, the triple height atrium and floor-to-ceiling windows mean the home will always enjoy free natural light.