Wood vs. Plastic - Windows, Doors, Environment

You only have to look at the national news headlines to see that the issue of reducing the amount of plastic we use to help the environment is getting bigger by the day.

The environmental impact of plastic is a subject that is growing in importance both nationally and globally.

From single use plastics that end up in the ocean to energy intensive heavy duty plastics that need to be specially recycled, the move to making our homes and our lives less plastic-focussed is gathering major pace. And when it comes to replacing your existing uPVC windows and doors or thinking about what to select to your new build or extension opting for timber can make a big difference.

Our page on the environmental impact of wooden windows and doors provides an insight into the benefits of opting for timber whether you are looking at replacing your existing windows or doors or looking at what to choose for your new build.

You can read it here

But we aren’t the only ones banging the drum for the environmental benefits of timber windows and doors. This article link which appeared in House Beautiful Magazine by the Wood Window Alliance also highlights common window myth-busters when it comes to wood v uPVC.

The reality is that wooden windows and doors are kinder to the environment, look and feel fantastic and last longer – up to twice as long according to some research.

These before and after images from a recent project show the difference that quality, made to measure timber windows and doors from Dale Joinery can have when they replace classic 70’s style uPVC.

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