Most Popular Window Designs for UK Properties

Looking to change your windows? Here are the most popular designs in the UK.

Choosing your new windows is a tough decision with significant financial value, so you must make the right choice for yourself. However, we understand that it can be hard to know what looks right with your home, so here are the five most popular window styles in the UK.

1. Flush Casement Windows

According to our sales from 2021 and 2022, flush casement windows have been the most popular window style, doubling sales from its second place. A classic style that works with every style property, it’s easy to see why this is the best window design for a home. A reason why they might be so popular is due to their versatility. They work well as a stand-alone window, as part of a combination frame (multiple sah’s like a grid), and they work really well within a bay window design. The clean, traditional lines within the design blend perfectly with all styles of property without looking out of place.

2. Sliding Sash Windows

The more traditional sliding sash window style doesn’t lend itself to quite as many property styles as the flush casement, but it has proven to still be a very popular window design in the UK. Chose with or without glazing bars for some extra versatility, but you’ll still be left with a beautiful, traditional finish to your property should you choose to go for a sliding sash on your property.

3. Lipped Casement

The more contemporary styled sibling of the flush casement, the lipped casement window incorporates another layer of protection, making the window stand proud from the frame. If you’re looking to renovate a more modern house or replicate the local vernacular,  these windows are a perfect choice, particularly with or without the addition of glazing bars!

4. Bay Windows

Finally, the bay window set-up, which can be made up of either flush casement or sliding sash windows, is one of the best ways to add in extra light, the feeling of space, and to make use of some extra space in your home. Giving off a grand impression, bay windows not only look the part but can add considerable value to your property in years to come, with the desirability level consistently high.

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