How To Choose The Perfect Style Window For Your Home

Need help choosing the perfect style window for your home? Dale Joinery is here to help.

Nothing beats being inside your house and taking in a beautiful vista with warm sunlight streaming through your window. Windows are one of the finest ways to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. If you are considering replacing your present windows or building your new house, explore these helpful recommendations for selecting the proper exterior window type for your home.

Select windows that complement the architectural style of your property.

Every property has an architectural design style that distinguishes it, and selecting windows that complement this design aesthetic is the first step in choosing the correct windows. Whether you live in a modern and contemporary home with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors or a historic Tudor-style home, follow the architectural style of your property for inspiration.

Determine the function of your windows.

While the primary role of windows is to allow light, they can also act as an entryway, such as a sliding glass window door providing entrance to a porch, or they can be fixed and decorative solely for aesthetic purposes. Consider which rooms your windows will serve and if a view is essential or whether light into a dark place, such as a closet or pantry, is more important. If a window isn’t possible, consider installing solar tubes that extend from the roof or a side wall to provide light into gloomy regions.

Window frames in vibrant colours

Depending on the colour and style of your home’s construction, you may choose frames that provide colour to compliment the external appearance of your building. Look for window manufacturers who offer factory colours already fully finished at the factory by the supplier and covered by a warranty. Whether you have wood, uPVC or metal frames. At Dale Joinery, we specialise in the manufacturing of bespoke timber windows because of their longevity, durability and performance. Timber is an unmatched material compared to uPVC or aluminium as it is a far more tactile, versatile and sympathetic material to include in any property.

Choosing the finest window frame accent colours

Choosing an exterior paint colour palette might be difficult. Examine the surroundings and nearby homes to understand the current existing vernacular. Select a trim colour for your home and consider using the same colour on your window frames. Many homeowners pick the primary colour for their home and two accent colours - one for the trim and one for the window frames, doors, and garage doors. We recommend browsing colour palettes online or exploring Dale’s range of colours to spark some inspiration.

Choosing the best window for the quantity of ventilation required

One of the most important functions of a window is to allow ventilation and fresh air to flow into and out of your room. Determining which sort of window best meets your demands can aid in determining the window type. Many rooms include moveable windows, which may be opened and shut as required. Fixed windows cannot be opened and are utilised in rooms with big expanses of glass or tiny windows. In general, most homes have a mix of the two.

Dale Joinery’s veneered trickle vents also help ensure your rooms get the correct ventilation, especially in the winter months.

Selecting windows that complement your interior design

Although the windows' outside aesthetics are significant, you should also consider how they affect the internal experience of your house. In public spaces, consider whether the view calls for large picture windows that let in maximum light or whether the room’s function calls for different-sized and shaped windows.

Before picking windows, find out which way the sun will be shining

Consider how your home stands to the sun rising and setting; depending on where you live, you can experience unwanted morning sun in your bedroom or too much late-day sunlight when watching television in the living room. Dale Joinery offers we can offer solar control glazing for south facing windows and doors to reduce heat and sun bleaching your furniture. This will prevent your home from heating and cooling abnormally with the seasons, resulting in increased energy bills.

Several operating windows for your particular application

The traditional sash window allows the moveable component of the window to move up or down. Apartments and older homes frequently include awning windows, which open at an angle and are hinged at the top or bottom.

Here are some other important things to consider:

- Is the material obtained ethically? 

- What guarantees and warranties are available with the windows?

- What is the lifespan of the windows?

- Will the finish be smooth?

- What are the lead times on windows?

Choosing the right style window should allow natural light, thermal insulation and security while adding functionality and value to your home. At Dale Joinery, we take great pride in crafting bespoke windows for your property and can accommodate all requirements, no matter your budget.

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