How Often Should Timber Windows Be Painted?

Keeping your timber window frames looking their best is an easy job and doesn’t need to be done regularly. Read more from Dale Joinery.

When looking at getting your timber windows painted, you should never be put off by the thought of having to regularly repaint them to ensure that that initial look is maintained. Timber window frame paint and stains, if done correctly, should last between 5-10 years. Combined with the proper home maintenance, this should be a manageable number of years to achieve.

How long should I leave it before repainting?

There’s no accurate time frame that you should stick to when repainting your timber window frames. Our paint and stains have a guarantee of up to 10 and 6 years, respectively, and a 10 year workmanship warranty, so you’ll be covered for a minimum of 10 years if your Dale Joinery window frames are painted. 

However, there are varying external factors that can affect how the paint can look. This can include the location of your property. For example, the salty sea air will affect the windows quicker than if you don’t live on the coast. Exceptional weather conditions such as regular bad rain and wind can also affect the final look of your timber windows.

Taking this into account, it would be wise to check over your window paint when you are cleaning the frames or the glass. You should be able to determine by eye when they might need an extra coat.

Can I repaint my windows?

Repainting your timber window frames is easy. At Dale Joinery, we use a water-based micro-porous hand spray applied paint system, which means that the paint won’t flake off during wear. This means that painting over the top will be a simple and easy process with a great outcome.

How to repaint your timber windows

When it comes to repainting your timber windows, this is something that only needs to be done if you’re looking to change the colour of them entirely, or if darker colours need a refresh. Lighter colours tend not to need a fresh coat as often, but they sometimes can be tainted in harsh environments, such as being stained by tree sap, which you might want to look at covering up. 

If you’re looking to repaint, you’ll need to lightly sand the frame, using a fine-grade abrasive paper, such as p240, but you won’t need to go as far as the bare wood as it can compromise the integrity of the paint system in place. Then you’ll need to wipe over the area using a clean, damp cloth to remove any dust and leave it to completely dry. 

You can then start to paint your timber window and door frames. We would recommend using a water based micro porous paint to do so to ensure the timber can continue to breathe. We would also recommend using a long haired synthetic brush to apply your paints, and you’ll need to ensure that the brush is thoroughly wet with water before painting, to get an optimum finish.

Dale Joinery

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