How Long Should Double Glazing Last?

Learn more about double glazing, its benefits and how long it should last!

Double glazing is a term that is often used in the window and doors industry, and it has become standard technology in all types of windows. It essentially refers to a window with two panes of glass. Triple glazing, on the other hand, features three panes of glass.

A prominent feature of double glazed windows is the double glazed sealed unit, otherwise known as an insulated glass unit. This sits in the frame of your choice. UPVC, for example, is a prevalent choice, as is timber or even aluminium. The two panes of glass set in the frame are separated by a thin layer of air or inert gas. This layer, in particular, is what makes double glazing efficient and very effective. There are many benefits of double glazing that we’ll explore below.

What Are The Benefits of Double Glazing?

Thermal Insulation

A major benefit of double glazing is its ability to retain heat in a room while also reducing the amount of cold air entering from outside. Double glazed windows ensure that you have cooler summers and much warmer winters!

Noise Reduction

Windows and doors can not only let the cold in but also noise. If you live on a busy road, it might become a problem. Double glazing reduces the noise and provides a more peaceful environment inside compared to single glazing. Transfer of sound is measured on the window/door as a whole because the frame will have a different DB reduction to the glass unit.

UPVC and Aluminium will have a poor DB rating as it is hollow so sound can travel through a Ali or plastic frame much easier than a solid timber frame. Softwood is the best sound and thermal insulator as it is filled with pockets of air.

Furthermore, there is also laminated glass to consider. To put it simply, laminated glass features two sheets of glass with an extra protective layer of vinyl that sits in between the sheets. When it comes to sound transfer, laminate dampens noise and reduces vibration. 

Reduced Energy Bills

Because double glazing retains heat in your house, it increases energy efficiency within the home, meaning you can reduce the need to put the heating on during the winter months. In return, you can save on your energy bills each month.

Enhances Home Security

Double glazed windows feature two panes of glass compared to single glazing, which only features a single pane. This makes it harder for intruders to break the glass or even force them open from the outside. Laminated glass windows can also significantly improve the security of your home as they provide you with the maximum amount of protection a window can offer. They cannot be cut from the outside, so it would be challenging for them to enter the home even if intruders did have tools such as glass cutters.

How Long Does Double Glazing Last?

Various factors come into play regarding how long your double glazing will last. These factors include:

The quality of your windows.

The quality of installation.

Your location (exposed or open areas are more liable to challenging conditions).

How well they are maintained.

The consensus on how long double glazing lasts is between 20 to 35 years. At Dale Joinery, our timber windows have various guarantees ranging from 10-30 years. You can find out more about our warranties and guarantees here.

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