How Cavity Closers Keep a Project Moving

Time is money and reducing the length of time you spend on your build project is vital to stay on budget & bespoke joinery can take time to manufacture. Here’s how using cavity formers for your window and door openings can help save valuable time on site and ensure you stick to the construction programme!

What are Cavity Closers, and why do I need them?

First and foremost, cavity closers act as a seal between the brick and the window of a property, helping to keep out moisture and keep in the heat. Cavity closers are also essential for fire safety, with fireproof cavity closers providing an extra 60 minutes of protection should a fire start. They are crucial for the structure of the building to stay intact and run an energy-efficient home.

How do they keep my project moving?

During the planning phase of a property build, the space between the windows and doors can be determined beforehand, thanks to the help and use of cavity closers. They allow for the distance between the bricks to be predetermined before the building even starts, meaning that you can order your window and doors at the same time as your bricks and cement. Acting as pre-formed openings, the cavity closers means that the builders have pre-determined apertures to form the openings as they work their way up to form the building’s external envelope. 

So we can help you keep your project moving forward and aim for that all-important completion date; we ensure that all of our new build projects are supplied with top of the range cavity closers as standard to guarantee that your project will never be waiting on us. So much so, that having your windows and doors manufactured with cavity closers through Dale Joinery means that you can place the order at the same time the bricks are being laid!

How do I order my cavity closers?

It’s a simple process to order cavity closers when deciding on your windows and doors. All you need to do is specify the cavity size and whether it is ‘in-line’, which is brick and block lining through, or ‘in-check’, set behind the face brickwork. You’ll be able to ask your architect or builder if you’re unsure of what this means. When ordering windows and doors with Dale Joinery, cavity closers come free with them meaning that you’ll never have to worry about them not fitting.

Dale Joinery

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