Behind The Scenes of Dale’s Factory Production Process

Explore behind the scenes how Dale Joinery manufactures the very best timber windows and doors.

Explore behind-the-scenes coverage of Dale Joinery’s factory production process and experience the very highest standards of quality yourself. We take great pride in our advanced product range, combined with our attentive service from the very first steps in our factory right through to delivery and installation.

Learn more about our manufacturing process below.

1. Receiving an Order

The process begins when the factory receives a client’s bespoke timber windows and doors order.

2. Delivery of Timber

The first step is to deliver the necessary timber to the factory. This involves moving the timber on a forklift and ensuring that it is stored properly. Timber must be stored horizontally and spaced on battens to allow air flow between the layers of timber lengths. This is to help it absorb air, and a structured, stable surface helps prevent the timber from sinking in or warping.

3. Cutting The Threshold

Once the timber has been delivered, our process operatives and technicians begin by cutting the threshold to the required size.

4. Sanding Down Raw Timber

Next, the raw timber is sanded down to remove any rough edges or imperfections. We use a mix of large planers and sanding machines initially in the square lengths, then a mix of electric sanders and hand sanders later on in the process.

5. Profiling The Timber

The timber is then sent to the profiling machine, which creates the desired shape and style for the bespoke windows and doors.

6. Cutting From the Mortice Machine.

After profiling, the timber is sent to the mortice machine. The mortice and tenon cutting is to allow the frames to slot together securely These are also mechanically fixed (after glueing and cramping) for additional stability and security.

7. Glueing & Cramping

The next step involves glueing and cramping the timber pieces together to form the frames for the windows and doors. Hydraulic sash cramps are used to bring the frames together and mechanical fixed after to hold in place.

8. CNC

Once the glue has dried, the frames are sent to a CNC machine for any necessary cuts or adjustments. CNC is used for the profiling process earlier on in the process btu also for cutting out locks and hinges.

CNC stands for computer numerical control, and they are machines controlled by a computer that provides consistency, efficiency and accuracy that is near enough impossible to achieve through manual processes.

9. Treated & Sanded

The frames are treated and sanded again to ensure a smooth surface for painting. They are primed, caulked around the joints  then sanded back to be smooth.

10. Caulking Joints & Finishing

The frames are moved to a separate area for caulking joints and finishing work.

11. Spray Shop

The frames are then sent to the spray shop, where they are sprayed in batches and triple-checked for blemishes. They are primed twice and sprayed a final time in their desired colours.

12. Hooked Up & Moved On Trolleys

After the final spray, the frames are hooked up and moved on trolleys to the next stage, ready for glazing and hardware.

13. Placing of Hardware, Handles, Hinges and Glass

The final assembly stage involves placing the hardware, handles, hinges, and glass in the frames. Once the glass is in place, the frames are sealed with silicone to ensure a watertight seal. This ensures optimal energy efficiency and reduces the risk of leakage occurring around the windows.

14. Cleaning & Quality Control

The frames are then cleaned and checked for quality control to ensure they meet the necessary standards. We conduct rigorous checks before they leave the factory and further checks at our warehouse. This includes cleaning glass and frames, lavelling and logging before being placed on pallets in batches.

15. Moved Onto Pallets

The finished frames are moved onto a pallet ready for delivery.

16. Delivery

Finally, the frames are loaded onto a lorry and transported to the client’s location for installation.

About Dale Joinery

We provide aftersales care and support to all our customers to ensure you’re happy with the finished product. We also understand that unavoidable issues may arise when working with a natural product such as timber - which is why our range has been designed to adapt. We provide comprehensive guarantees and warranties to give you peace of mind, and if something does go wrong, you can count on us to put it right.

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