Timber windows and doors installed centuries ago are still found all over Britain, this is with old techniques of preserving wood. Using engineered timber and modern paints and stains we offer excellent guarantees on all aspects of our products and with minimal maintenance our timber doors and windows will last for many many years.

  • 30 Years – Rot & fungal infection – The engineered timber is finished with a chamfered profile and sanded. This is then sprayed with an anti-fungus and rot prevention treatment.
  •  10 Years – Double glazed units
  • 10 Years – Hardware – Handles, pegstays, hinges, knobs and knockers
  • 10 Years – Paint finishes – solvent free water-based, micro-porous paint, sprayed for a complete and thorough protective layer with no redecoration for 8 years
  • Up to 6 Years – Stain finishes – solvent free water-based, micro-porous stain –  applied with a spray for thorough coverage.
cavity closures

Hassle free Cavity Closers

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