Window & Door Maintenance Tips For Winter

Here are our top tips for window and door maintenance so you can save money on your energy bills this winter.

We all leave our windows and doors open during the warmer months of the year to let fresh air in. But as the temperature drops, it’s clear how important good windows and doors are. If your house lacks high-quality windows and doors, you may see an increase in energy bills. You may also find it challenging to keep a constant and comfortable temperature when the weather is at its worst.

Dale Joinery has compiled a list of simple checks and advice for window and door care.

Perform a Glazing Visual Inspection

To begin, carefully inspect your windows and doors. Check the handles, glass, frames, and locking mechanisms. Then, open each window to check the seals and hinges for wear. Make a note of any issues you see, then organise the required fixes.

Fix any damaged windows and doors

It’s critical to quickly replace damaged windows and doors. During the winter, damaged windows with air gaps or broken joints and hinges can cause problems.

Here is a helpful approach to help you find those air gaps if you fear that your windows are damaged and have developed holes that allow chilly air from the outside to enter your home.

Hold a lit candle a safe distance away from the window frame. It should be moved slowly along the seam where the window pane joins the frame. If the flame flickers, you’ve identified an air gap!

If the damage is minor, you may be able to repair it yourself or enlist the help of a local tradesperson. This could be anything from tightening any faulty fixtures or fittings. However, we recommend that if your windows cause your home to lose a considerable amount of heat, it might be best to replace them with new ones. There is a selection of window grants available in the UK where you may be eligible for funding. Read more on window replacement grants here.

Draught Proofing

With a number of options and kits available, you can easily and economically fill the gaps around your windows and doors. Draught proofing is one the cheapest options to save energy and, most of all, money. Draught proofing refers to blocking unwanted gaps that let warm air out and cold air in. 

For windows, you can purchase draught-proofing strips that you stick around the window frame, filling the gap between the window and its frame.

For doors, there are various things to consider, including:

Keyhole - it might seem like a small hole, but it will let in cold air all day long. Opt for a cover that drops a metal disc over the keyhole, so it blocks the cold air from entering.

Gaps at the bottom of the door - invest in a door draught excluder. These can be found online or at your local home interior stores like Dunelm, Screwfix, and Wickes.

Gaps around the edges - similar to draught-proofing strips used for windows, you can install these around the edges of your door.

External Window Weatherproofing

If your property has wooden windows and doors, make sure the exterior is weatherproofed. This entails covering the surface with a weather-resistant micro-porous material that repels moisture and offers further weather protection.

Weatherproofing is affordable and can offer protection for a number of years, but it needs to be topped up frequently to keep up its protective qualities. Preventative steps can significantly improve interior comfort and reduce energy costs. Your home will be more energy-efficient with high-performing windows and doors, ensuring the microporous coating is kept clean and intact (no splits, cracks in the paint etc..) as the coating is the best defence against the harsh winter weather.

General Window Cleaning Advice

Not only does the glass pane need to be maintained and looked after during the winter, but care and maintenance are also required for the handles, joints, hinges, and locks.

Lubricate all of a window unit’s movable parts. The complete unit can operate smoothly, effortlessly, and with minimal locking of the joints, thanks to routine cleaning and lubrication of the window hardware.

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