What Are The Advantages of Timber Windows?

Thinking of getting new windows for your property? Why not timber! Here are the best reasons why timber windows should be top of your list.

Whatever way you go about it, windows are expensive; whether it’s uPVC, aluminium or timber, you can expect to pay out a bit for them. There are so many options for types of windows you can get, but pound for pound, your best bet will always be timber windows.

Making your money last longer

As timber is a natural material, you’re guaranteed to get a much longer lifespan with it than other popular window materials, such as uPVC. On average, uPVC will give you a good 16-18 years of solid life, whereas timber windows will provide you many more, meaning that you get more for your money. Why does it have such a long lifespan? Simple really. As timber is a natural material, it’s much easier to work with, repair and maintain, long after the installation is completed, something that artificial alternatives are just unable to do.


As previously mentioned, the most popular window choice next to timber, uPVC, is made entirely from artificial materials, which is not a sustainable choice. With the current climate that we are in, creating sustainable and environmentally friendly decisions has to be a priority wherever possible. With timber windows, this is now a feasible choice to make. 

Although timber does involve chopping down trees, this can be done sustainably. For example, here at Dale Joinery, we ensure that our timber is sourced from managed forests, meaning that the trees are replaced to be regrown and added back into the forest. Using timber this way also means that the material becomes carbon negative, so as the new trees grow, they absorb more carbon dioxide than they are putting out. 

Using timber as a material in general, when done properly and sustainably, is actually good for the environment. Known as the felling of trees, taking down trees in a managed way e.g. not taking down too many at one time, allows for the environment below it, the forest floor, to grow and flourish. Trees block a good deal of the sunlight, meaning that the ground can look a bit bare and the ecosystem below will suffer. Removing the trees in a thought-out and careful manner means that you’re allowing the other areas of the forest, including wildlife to flourish. Here at Dale Joinery, we ensure that we only use Redwood timber that is Fully Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-C124392) certified, meaning that it is utilised in the most sustainable way possible.


On top of being the more sustainable choice, timber windows are also by far the more cost-effective choice for insulation. The natural thickness of the wood makes for an excellent insulator, allowing you to keep plenty of heat in during the colder months. Although uPVC and aluminium windows offer decent insulation, nothing lives up to the standards of timber windows. 

When looking at the energy efficiency of a property, we judge it through a EPC (the colourful graph and letters on it), which allows us to see just how efficient the property is. Having good insulation ensures a higher rating on this chart, which in turn, can actually increase the value of your property by up to 14%.


Not only are timber windows practical, but they also make a fantastic addition to your property aesthetic. They enable a classic yet sophisticated, perfect for character properties, or those in conservation areas, timber windows make for the apparent selection.


1. Are timber windows better than uPVC?

As timber is a naturally insulating material, it provides long-lasting performance when we compare it to uPVC. A common misconception with timber windows is that they don’t offer many styles or designs, but this isn’t the case at all. At Dale Joinery, we offer a wide range of styles, designs and customisation features on all windows and doors.

2. What type of windows last the longest?

Timber framed windows offer the longest lifespan of any other windows available in today’s market.

Dale Joinery

At Dale Joinery, we pride ourselves in creating the ultimate timber window for you. We carefully source all parts of our frame and only use the best materials to guarantee product security, quality and longevity. If you’re interested in our sustainable timber windows, please do get in touch.