Tips On How To Make Construction Sites Sustainably Greener

Looking to be more sustainable on your construction site? Have a look at our easy tips below.

By now we should know how much of an environmental impact the construction industry as a whole has. It’s a pretty big deal and a fact that needs to be changed to reduce the impact we have on the planet. A good place to start is on construction sites, as there are smaller changes that can be rolled out easier than within the manufacturing side of the industry.


A lot of energy is needed to power a construction site; from heavy-duty machinery right down to the kettle for a cup of tea. As opposed to using natural gases and artificial chemicals to power the site, a simple swap to renewable energy sources would be a great start. The best sources of renewable energy that would be best suited to construction sites are wind power, hydropower and solar power. This is because they can be harnessed and stored in the short term, making it ideal for construction sites and a great way to make a dent in those initial figures mentioned.

Equipment Choice

To go alongside using more sustainable energy sources, using equipment that is more energy efficient will help make the site greener. A little bit of careful planning to ensure that equipment is only being used when needed, and using it for multiple things at once, will also reduce emissions, ensuring that the site is greener and more considerate of the local area.

Another solution for greener equipment choice is ensuring that tools can be powered by generators, whether this is solar or wind to ensure that there’s no unnecessary fuel being used.

Going Digital

This might seem like a bit of a rouge suggestion, but when in the planning phase, before a digger has even gone in the ground, using digital software such as BIM,  can ensure that there’s no spare materials or anything going to waste.

Material Choice

Finally, one of the best ways to make your construction site greener is to swap out some of your material choices. Concrete production alone is responsible for 4-8% of the world’s CO2 and uses at least a 10th of the world’s industrial water use. Although concrete is used across the world and is a staple in building materials, with concrete actually outweighing the combined carbon mass of every tree, bush and shrub on Earth, its manufacturing is detrimental to the environment.

Making more use of more sustainable alternatives, such as timber, is a great way to make your construction site more sustainable. As a substitute goes, timber ticks the boxes. As an insulating material, timber will help maintain a consistent temperature for a building, and due to its density is very durable.

Dale Joinery

At Dale Joinery, we only use timber from certified by the Forest Stewardship Council within managed forests. This means that we’re not taking more than we should and are also supporting our eco-system. By removing trees from forests in a certain manner, you can actually encourage wildlife to grow and thrive, by letting more natural light get to the forest floor. As well as this, we also replenish tree by planting more than we use.

About Dale Joinery

At Dale Joinery, we pride ourselves on creating the ultimate timber window and door for you. We carefully source all parts of our frame and only use the best materials to guarantee product security, quality and longevity. If you’re interested in our sustainable timber windows and doors for your project, please get in touch or call us 0800 030 2222. Download our digital brochure or request your physical brochure online for more inspiration.