Sustainable Construction & Development: Why Is It Important?

We all need to do our part in sustainability, and construction is no exception!

Sustainability in the construction industry is becoming increasingly important throughout the entire process and within every sector. Here at Dale Joinery, we aim to ensure that we can slot into your sustainability pledges as well as possible.

What is Sustainable Construction?

The idea behind sustainable construction is to use renewable and/or reusable materials to help combat climate change and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. The main goal is to reduce the construction industry’s contribution to climate change.

How is Construction Unsustainable?

The construction sector can be incredibly unsustainable by manufacturing materials that need to be used, producing several gases and other emissions, such as greenhouse gases. As well as this, a lot of this manufacturing process is powered by fossil fuels, which also contribute to climate change and ultimately make an unsustainable industry.

To give you an idea of the lack of sustainability in the construction industry, it alone is responsible for 36% of worldwide energy usage and 40% of CO2 emissions.

How Can Construction Become More Sustainable?

There are a few ways in which construction can become a more sustainable industry.

Renewable energy sources

It’s not just the creation of materials that require energy but the day-to-day running of heavy-duty machines and vehicles to manoeuvre it. Renewable energy sources will help reduce the number of fossil fuels used within this industry and cut back on emissions produced. Using sustainable materials for building

There are plenty of ways to build sustainably, for example, using natural materials and resources instead of manufactured products made of harsh chemicals. For example, the manufacture of concrete has resulted in over 2.8bn tonnes of CO2, a number which will continue to rise as the demand for property increases.

According to a study by the royal academy of engineering, the construction sector contributes to around 11% of global carbon emissions. This is largely a result of the extraction, manufacturing and delivery processes of core finite resources required to provide this industry with the materials necessary to build. All of these stages require vast amounts of energy (usually provided by fossil fuels) that then releases harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that directly contribute to climate change.

To give you an idea of the lack of sustainability in the construction industry, it alone is responsible for 36% of worldwide energy usage and 40% of CO2 emissions.

Why is Sustainable Construction Important?

As previously mentioned, the construction industry is responsible for producing masses of emissions and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and contributing to climate change. The UK government has pledged to reduce emissions created by the construction industry by 50% by 2025 to be leaders in the low-carbon construction industry.

Sustainable construction and development also need to refer to how we are building and where we are building. As the demand for property is on the rise, we have to find new plots of land to make on, which unfortunately means a decline in our all-important eco-system, which can then lead to an increase in carbon emissions due to a reduction of green spaces and trees.

Dale Joinery Timber Windows and Doors

When making windows, we know that a popular and cheaper alternative is often used in construction. uPVC windows are made up of salt, gas and oil to create an engineered plastic, not the most natural or eco-friendly material you could put in your home.  Here at Dale Joinery, we only use timber for managed forests for our windows and doors, meaning that we are never harming an ecosystem and taking more than we can produce. Our eco-system will benefit from this, as removing trees allows for extra light to get to the forest floor, letting life grow and thrive, creating a healthy eco-system.

About Dale Joinery

At Dale Joinery, we pride ourselves on creating the ultimate timber window and door for you. We carefully source all parts of our frame and only use the best materials to guarantee product security, quality and longevity. If you’re interested in our sustainable timber windows and doors for your project, please get in touch or call us on 0800 030 2222. Download our digital brochure or request your physical brochure online for more inspiration.