Performance Double Glazing

The double glazing we fit as standard in both our new doors and windows are top performers, energy efficient units that have a superb u-value for retaining warmth and saving money on energy bills.

The high levels of security that all our products offer are assisted by the construction of the glazing units – with the panes of glass fitted from the inside of the units, there is no risk of an intruder gaining entry through the removal of the glass. 

Modern glass technology has improved the quality of the light allowed through the pane, glass that keeps the heat on one side yet allows natural light through, almost the same as clear glass which stops any noticeable light reduction in darker rooms, such as you find in Victorian terraces.

The joint at which the two panes of glass are turned into a single unit is a weak point in the construction of the double glazing. Any point where two surfaces meet is a potential spot for losing valuable heat, the warm spacer bars that we employ are produced from a highly insulating material with a very low energy transfer rate. 

Ensuring that the double glazing has excellent insulation properties is not just a winter benefit. The lack of energy being able to travel across the double glazing means that the hot sun in the summer is kept out of rooms, going a long way to keeping your home comfortable even in rooms that feature a lot of windows, such as conservatories and orangeries.

Rollover the numbers on the cross section of timber double glazing, a description will appear in the box, if you have any questions try our FAQ page or give us a call. 

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